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Essential and continuously expanding, Yemen’s manufacturing sector currently accounts for approximately 47% of the country’s gross domestic product. Its industrial base is constructed around a flourishing  small and medium enterprise foundation that is complemented by growing large scale corporations of local and foreign ownership. Figures quantify the number of industrial establishments at just above 33,000.

The bulk of Yemen’s manufacturing in the north is centered on food processing and beverages, though cooking and flour production has also increased in recent years. The production of mixed metal products, such as water storage tanks, doors and windows is the second largest industry, and is followed by the production of non-metallic products. Other major industries are based on textiles, jewelry, construction materials and glass making. The vibrancy of the sector is clearly seen in the accelerating merchandise exports from the country.

Merchandise exports have been on the rise since the early 1990s

Source: SESRIC

 Key Strengths

Already a critically important and flourishing sector in Yemen’s economy, opportunities for investment in the country’s manufacturing industries remain favorable. Some of the key strengths contributing to this healthy business environment include:

  • Direct positioning in the Asia – Europe and East Africa – Europe trade routes
  • Large capacity ports in Aden and Hodeidah to leverage the country’s geographic positioning
  • Abundant, experienced labor with competitive wages rates around of USD $135/month
  • Several recent large scale investments including, El Sewedy Cable , Yemeni-Chinese Iron Production Co. and plants of both Pepsi and Coca Cola.
  • Solid and improving infrastructure being major production hubs.


Top national and international manufacturing companies currently operating out of Yemen

El Sewedy Cables

Shaher Company (Coca Cola)

The Industrial Projects Co. (Pepsi Cola)

Yemen Kindasah Water Services (Desalination)

Al Sunaider Co. (Iron pipe production)

Buqshan Cement Factory

Yemeni-Saudi Cement Co.

Yemeni-Chinese Iron Production Co.

Al Eisaei Cement

Ba Zarah Co. (Cement)

GIA can help

The manufacturing sector in Yemen has great potential for growth and even greater potential for investment. GIA will help investors learn more about industry opportunities and, when applicable, establish contact with the various Yemeni institutions responsible for its growth, including The Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For further information on opportunities in manufacturing, please contact GIA’s sector expert in the field:


For further information on oil opportunities, please contact GIA's sector expert in the filed:

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